The Almighty ‘Long Distance Call’

Udah liat videonya?

Gimana perasaannya sekarang?adem?panas?kangen?

Saya sendiri sih jujur tiap dengerin lagu ini bawaannya jadi tenang.Ya karena emang lagu ini salah satu lagu favorit sih. Interpretasi tentang lagu ini juga macem-macem karena emang si phoenix sendiri nulis liriknya abstrak-abstrak gitu deh. Nah di postingan ini saya mau cerita tentang interpretasi terhadap lagu ini dilihat dari berbagai sudut pandang.

Skenario 1

I’m thinking the song is about a simple man who never really had room for love until he took the chance with a girl who was known for breaking hearts, he felt as if they were meant for each other but as time went on he realized he was wrong. Still having feelings for her, he didn’t know how to approach the problem,but conflict in the relationship just made the distance between the two grow.

 Skenario 2

I think the song’s not necessarily about a current relationship going awry, maybe an old flame or a crush that never really came to fruition, “Long time no see, long time no say” sounds like a reacquainting to me. The song could also be about a place, with the long distance call being more like a longing to go back home. I think that because I can’t figure out what else “capital letters” would refer to but a state or city.

 Skenario 3

A crazy messed up kid ambivalent about a first love, he lets the two go separate ways. they stay in touch, vaguely, and its hard to let go, as life outside the relationship begins to seem less and less interesting. he retroactively might be regretting letting the relationship go, but its hard to tell, and meanwhile the distance between them grows in time and space


Bagaimana dengan versimu?


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