A (temporary) goodbye letter from an internship

For the pass six months was marked the day I worked as a application division intern in DTC Diangraha along with all the exciting activities 

I have experienced while working from DTC team building. There is too much enjoyment to work in an awesome company.

I had started working with minimal knowledge. Now I will leave with the realization that what I learned from college has got nothing on this, that  I have gained a ton of new knowledge in the field I am passionate about, and that I will be proud to have worked for DTC. 

What I obtained from this work experience has surpassed far beyond my expectations when I have first applied for internship.

Thank you to the application team (Mas Rommy, Mas Putra, Mas Yudha, Masrura) who has shared invaluable knowledge to me. Thank you for the DTC team for the unforgettable experiences. Thank you DTC for the new knowledge, new experiences, and new friends. 

I will do my best to develop all that I have learned here in my life. Pardon me if I have done any mistakes and thank you once again. 



5 comments on “A (temporary) goodbye letter from an internship

  1. Yudha says:

    Let’s begin the dota league again brother… 😀

  2. zzzz says:

    mulailah dengan menjadi dirimu sendiri :), cepat lulus kawan

  3. Dandhee Damarrama says:

    Amin,semoga bisa kembali bergabung dengan tim dan berdota bersama lagi :))

  4. Lord Rommy says:

    Semoga cepet jadi PM Dan 😀

  5. Administrator says:

    Emaknya dandhee kalo liat foto ini bakal heboh nih …

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