The Man Without Fear

Disclaimer : Firstly, this is an entire Season 1 review with NO SPOILERS. Secondly, I have never read the comics and I don’t remember anything from that Ben Affleck movie except that it was awful. This review is from a fresh perspective without comparisons to any previous media. 

Daredevil is an oft maligned character, deemed tier B. He doesn’t have the wealth, charm, and gadgets of Iron Man. He doesn’t have the patriotic appeal of Captain America. He doesn’t have the strength or healing powers of Spider-man. He’s been called the poor man’s Batman. But, Matt Murdock, the man under the Daredevil mask, is one of the most complex characters in comic books and certainly the most tortured character in comic books.


They say you create drama by putting your characters through the wringer and you give them depth by giving them baggage. Stan Lee had followed that guidance well with previous characters. He gave Peter Parker guilt over his uncle’s death. He gave Tony Stark a damaged heart. Stan and Bill Everett gave Matt Murdock similar baggage – guilt over his father’s death and blindness inflicted upon him as a child. It isn’t just Matt Murdock struggling with what he is becoming and the world around him. The series does an excellent job of giving the supporting characters questions to deal with. Foggy Nelson, Matt’s partner, is the naive angel on his shoulder. Matt and Foggy are lawyers. Their career is built around a respect for law and order, and yet Matt has to subvert all of that to be Daredevil.

The story, the writing and the execution are pitch-perfect with unexpected twists everywhere, . First few episodes jump back and forth from past to present, giving viewers the necessary backstory for all the characters. We don’t just see the show from Matt’s perspective, but also from the perspective of Wilson and Foggy. It can get really gory at times but that’s the flavor of the show: dark, damp and in-your face.


The second best thing of the show are the fight sequences which are amazing in itself. Gritty, non-outlandish and wonderfully choreographed with no effort made to soften the show for more sensitive viewers, the fight-scenes incorporate a myriad of martial arts from ninjutsu, aikido, jujitsu and kick-boxing.

And here comes the ugly.

The action is average. If you were expecting typical Marvel visual and graphic stuff then you might be disappointed since these are mostly street and fist fights. No special weapons of superpowers.

People are sometimes too indestructible. Vladimir should have died much sooner than he did, and he should not have been walking around and firing weapons after all of his injuries.


Fisk was unrealistic. He speaks multiple languages and is a great martial artist and acquired tons of money and power, how? Put together, this was all a bit much, and I didn’t like that they portrayed him as being able to hold his own against Daredevil in a fight without justifying it in any way.

Final Verdict

Overall this show is a hell-lot better than what I was expecting because no one expects an entire season to be perfect. This is yet another masterpiece in Marvel’s gallery.


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